The advantages of having a house in a sub-urban area

Living in a big city could be stressful for some people. There are many reasons that make live in a big city could bring such a negative impact to the human psychological health, such as, the traffic jam, sound pollution, too many crowded areas, the lack of green areas, the high number crime rate than the suburb, individualistic and uncaring neighbor, and much more. That’s why the real estate agents north lampton suggest you to consider to buy a house in the suburb.

There are many quiet and peaceful suburb areas in the new south wales Australia, the one that we’d like to explain to you is the North Lambton. North Lambton is a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. It’s located not far from the New Castle central business district. It is only 9 kilometers from there. Even though it’s still close to the central business district, the north Lambton area still provide you with a quiet and peaceful place to live.

As a suburb area, you will likely find a good and caring neighbor around your area, even though you live 9 kilometers from the central business. You and your family don’t have to worry about the availability of hospitals and health care center in the area. Because there are five hospitals located not far to the east of the north Lambton. There are New Castle eye hospital, William Lyne day hospital, Calvary hospital, Calvary Mater Newcastle, and also Mater Mental Health.

If you need some recreation areas, North Lambton provides many parks and restaurants. For the south of the area options, you can find Lambton park, Horseshoe Bach, Black duck picnic area, Blackbutt reserve, and plenty of dog parks. As for the restaurants, there are Lizotte’s Restaurant, Hunter Gourmet Pizza, Kam Ho Chinese take away, Gandhi’s Indian restaurant, and also Nara Thai & uncle raja’s curry house. So if you want to have a house in a suburb that’s close to the Newcastle Business District and still have a lot of facilities around, why don’t you consider about buying a house in the New Lambton, Newcastle, Australia?

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