How to make your make up last long and make you stay beautiful

When the transition season hit, regardless of the type of makeup that can make your makeup look durable sounds very tempting. Understandably in, you do not want it to be touch up repeatedly due to the makeup easily fade when the weather suddenly became hot? To overcome this, helps to determine the makeup products that will be used. One to overcome the heat shield is waterproof makeup. If all you know all the waterproof makeup products can be friends with heat and anti-sweat, but there are some important things to know.

In we encourage you not to forget to use a primer for those who are accustomed to wearing face makeup. Basic makeup one of is able to nourish and prepare the skin at the same time making it smoother. So if suddenly you wear waterproof makeup does not work with the maximum, the primer can ‘save’ to see you. Just choose which suits your skin type. You still confuse waterproof makeup products with the products of long-wearing makeup? Equally durable right? Well, if long-wearing makeup can last a long time up to 8 hours, but the makeup you will easily fade if exposed to water or sweat. While the formula in waterproof makeup can last all day and adapt to various weather.

Indeed if you are already interested in the packaging, so sometimes we forget to examine the ingredients in makeup products purchased. Try to check the content that is in waterproof makeup such as silicones, polymer and wax such as beeswax, Camellia wax and carnauba wax. Some compounds are commonly used in makeup products are waterproof to keep hold of facial skin while exposed to sweat or water. You who want to stay fit even wear makeup busy all day long to use densely textured product to as a final step in For example, for the foundation, choose a liquid or cream texture, and then set the solid powder for durability even sweat though. In order to avoid a cagey look, be sure to blend the product well and use sparingly. Well, if to blush, you can try to use cream blush first, then layer with the powder blush for a durable color in review.

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