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The short history of the classic guitar

Back in the 13th century classical guitar, the name guitar or classical guitar isn’t known yet. At that time, it’s till in the form of its predecessor known as the Lute. It is also called Gitar or Cittare, and also has a different name in the Greece language called Kithara. It’s development in the Europe first known since the 13th century when the Guitarra Moresca from Arab and Guitarra Latina were known and start to become the popular instrument in the Europe.

The instrument Lute,Luit, Laute, Lut from Europe become its origins. This instrument was developed from the Arab instrument called Al’ud which means a wood that has 12 to 24 strings, and the way you play it is by strumming two of its strings to play one note. (Just like when you play a 12 strings guitar). The strings made from the sheep intestines and the feet made of catgut, which is tied around the neck with several wooden or ivory made fret, which is stick to the upper corner of its soundboard.